03 January 2006

i give up

Because every blog ought to have hastily-written haikus. And because giving up is a cause that I can really get behind.

i give up

three words of relief
to a faceless tormentor
spare me from myself

feel the apathy
and wrap it tight around you
safe from caring's winter

give up all feeling
stoics, buddhists, and jedi
know how to live well


Aaron said...

Nice haikus. I especially approve of the use of the phrase "spare me from myself" and the use of the word apathy.

Key Lime Pie said...

i give up too

bec said...

I'm just glad you used a star wars reference, that makes any poem at least 2 points higher.

vox said...

ok you don't know me, but you intrigued me on aaron's blog with your rant that started out as a play on words, and ended up in an angry tirade, etc... I can totally relate.
anyway, I know a guy like those stoics, jedi, and such, and while he does seem to live well, even his warmth is ice cold. Just be miserable, at least then you can feel something. Oh, look see? I did it too