01 December 2007

I'm it too!

It's amazing how much you think you know about yourself until someone commands you to come up with six specific things that make you you. Here's my lame, but heartfelt, attempt.

1. I like words. I enjoy crosswords and word games. I am an expert Scrabbler and Boggler, and an aspiring poet. More than all of that, I love how a particularly clever phrase or a particularly good lyric or a particularly excellent piece of prose feels. Finding exactly the right word to use in a given situation gives me an irrational amount of satisfaction.

2. I am a sucker for father stories. Give me a book or a movie or a song with a strong, good, father figure in it, and I'm suddenly the sorriest sap on the block. I want to be Atticus Finch, Jean Valjean, and George Bailey all rolled up into one perfect role model of a man.

3. If you were to look in the trunk of my car right now, you would find, among other odds and ends: a wetsuit, a double pack of Honey Nut Cheerios, a least two outfits worth of clothes, 15-20 G-rated movies, a 1000-piece panoramic puzzle of Yosemite National Park, two toolboxes, a brand new 175-gram frisbee, a sleeping bag, and pairs of cleats and shin guards. While I don't quite live in my car, it's apparent that I vacation there regularly.

4. I'm definitely a comfort-over-style type of guy. In 6th grade I wore sweat pants to school every day until a girl in my class asked why I never wore jeans. While she most likely saved me from subsequent public scorn, I would still rather peace it in PJs every day.

5. I am internally wired for sports-related heartache. You see, I can't watch a game objectively- I have to root for one side or the other. And provided that one of "my teams" isn't playing (Giants, 49ers, BYU Cougars), I ALWAYS root for the underdog. Well, they're underdogs for a reason- and the teams I root for almost always lose. And I watch A LOT of sports.

6. In my mind, there should only be three food groups: Carbs, Junk Food and Healthy But Sweet. Everything else is simply not meant for human consumption. I realize that man was not meant to live on bread alone, but throw in milkshakes, breakfast cereal, french fries, pineapple, and mandarin oranges, and what else do you really need?