05 January 2006

Listless Blogging: A Top Ten

1. I like lists.
2. I always have.
3. I think they provide a sort of finite, tactile quality to an otherwise boundless, immeasurable world.
4. I like to take a list and conquer it, whether it is a daily "To Do" list, AFI's Top 100 movies of all time, or the Newbery Medal winners.
5. I am 7/73rds of the way through that last list.
6. I rarely finish my lists.
7. Or even get close.


Aaron said...

So did you actually write this in list form to begin with or simply insert numbers and line breaks? Though I will give you eutoia for the use of the word listless despite the fact that it does involve a list and doesn't seem to lack energy as the other use of listless implies.

bec said...

1. I like lists too
2. I write one almost everyday
3. then I usually lose them and don't accomplish anything on them
4. the paper for my lists typically consists of 91% drawings and 6% list and 3% food splatters

Anonymous said...

Lists depress me.

Stefani said...

I like lists too. Mine are usually filled with really hard ones like solve world hunger, or graduate from college, but just to keep me going (and because I like crossing off stuff) I have to put some easy ones down too like wake up, breathe, etc.