03 January 2006

The Sea of Humanity

This one's an original, penned (penciled actually) this very evening. I'm not completely satisfied yet, but well enough to post it. Any suggestions for a title?


Although waves of despair,
Like mountains break,
And nearly drown my faith;

To His tender care,
My fears I take,
And trust He'll keep me safe.

And while the great deep,
Holds devils still,
Which seek to sink me in sin;

I know God will keep,
Me safe until,
I return to the heavens again.

And though through the depths,
Of darkness I pass,
Where often I feel all alone;

The Lord's Spirit has kept,
My heart of glass,
Shining like light from a stone.

Let life's fierce winds blow,
And trial's tempests din,
As long as this vessel shall stand.

For this do I know,
That these very same winds,
Carry me to the promised land.

--Ether 6:8-10


Ronnie said...

How about either "High on the Mountain Top" or "Master, the Tempest is Raging"? Oh wait..those are taken already.

Aaron said...

Man, the Ether 6 journey parable takes me back to zone councils in Skien. I like the title for the post "The Sea of Humanity" as the title for the poem. You could always use "Teit like unto a dish."