14 June 2012

On Broadway

While I was in New York I went to see Peter and the Starcatcher, a prologue to the Peter Pan story with a sort-of steam punk feel to it.  I had picked up a ticket earlier that day at the half-price booth and had misread the seat location, so imagine my surprise when the usher escorted me to the very first row (close enough to see all the spit and sweat of performers giving it their all; "Theatre is juicy," explained my starlet friend Jill).  The play had won 5 Tony Awards the previous night, including Best Featured Actor in a Play going to the actor who plays Black 'Stache, the once-and-future Captain Hook.  On a tiny stage (by Broadway standards) the twelve-member cast created an entire world out of ropes, a few passenger trunks, and a ladder. It was beyond brilliant.  

As I walked away that night, alone in my thoughts despite the Times Square hordes, I felt that sweet and sad  sense that I had experienced something that would never happen again--kind of an in-the-moment nostalgia.

I think that's just about the best feeling in the world.

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