14 May 2012

Road Trip Week 0: The Garden Island

I liked how the weekly summary turned out enough that I decided to retroactively create one for my week in Kauai.
  • Driving Tunes: Reggae on the radio, "Nights with Alice Cooper"  
  • Books: Sophie's World -Jostein Gaardner, The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook -Andrew Doughty
  • Wildlife: Sea Turtles, Monk Seal, Tropical Fish, and about a million roosters
  • Food: Kalua Pork, Ahi Poke, Shave Ice, Chicken-in-a-Barrel, Pineapple-Passionfruit Smoothie, and Raw Coconut (it was the Coconut Coast, after all)     
  • Sights that didn't quite make the blog: Kayaking through Kool-Aid blue water, Hiking the powerline trail, picture-perfect Donkey Beach, the hand-cut stone temple of the Hindu monastery, sunset over Hanalei Bay, the Kalaulau Cathedral,    
  • If I'd had unlimited time: Hiking the entire Kalaulau trail (complete with debauchery at the end), 
  • Friends: Manalani and Kim, the Andersons, Christensens, and Wellers

1 comment:

Kalen's Mommy said...

I'm fascinated by what kind of debauchery you would be getting in to at the end of a long hike into the wilderness paradise?