29 April 2012

Higher Up and Farther In

A quick follow-up to yesterday's post:

In The Great Divorce--a fantastic read by the way--C.S. Lewis describes a group of souls' field trip from hell to heaven. They board a bus (the first Magic School Bus?) in a "bleak, dreary gray town, vast and lonely, hovering in a perpetual rainy twilight."  Upon arrival, "Heaven is revealed to be an idyllic wilderness paradise, an Eden-like garden country of rivers and trees. Its sense of scale is enormous, and in a distance unimaginably far away, the narrator catches sight of indistinct cities built on the summits of gigantic mountains. The strangest thing the passengers discover, however, is that the place is suffused with a supernatural reality, in a sense more solid, more real, than anything else."*

I'm fairly certain that C.S. Lewis was on my flight from L.A. to Kauai.

*Thanks to blogger Ebon Musings for writing this summary, and Google search for finding it.


Mars said...

What I want to know is, where did you get these pictures?

be said...

Hm. "Bleak, dreary gray town... hovering in a perpetual rainy twilight." Sounds like Seattle.

Russ said...

I took the pictures...straight of the World Wide Web.

And Bx, I was afraid you'd say that. For an online company, there are assuredly better places to set up headquarters (Hawaii, for example.)

be said...

They're probably glad that they don't have to pay us enough to live better places.