30 April 2012

Hero in a Half-Shell

Yesterday I met this guy.  I named him Titian, so that when we find some radioactive ooze he can join his radical crime-fighting, pizza-loving cousins. His weapon of choice would be throwing stars, and his clever disguise/identifier would be a yellow mask.  Also, he would be Master Splinter's favorite.

Teenage...Mutant...Ninja...Turtles--does it get any better?  Adult Alien Ninja Turtles is just plain ridiculous. (My favorite quote from the linked article: "Truth, we might sound a wee bit ridiculous when we cry out, 'I can't believe Bay says they're aliens when they're obviously derived from radioactive slime!' But Bay is essentially erasing almost 30 years of love for transmogrified adolescent reptile ninjas by claiming each turtle is less of a fearsome, fighting toxic anomaly and more of a forest green E.T. with nunchucks. What would Shredder think!?")      

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Mars said...

That's Bulshavic sista.