13 December 2010

Feeling Finance

Struggling to keep eyelids up, but committed to blogging... Business Finance tonight.

This is a class that should be mandated for passage into adulthood-- we certainly wouldn't have many of the financial problems we have today.

We spent the first week or two talking about the time value of money-- the principle that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.  I became somewhat of an Excel wizard crunching numbers for retirement savings, college savings, personal savings-- it was all very depressing.  (The hardest part about this class is learning all these fantastic principles while having zero income.  Can't wait to start making some money again so I can put them into practice.)

From there, the course covered how to value paper assets (stocks and bonds) and capital assets (things and stuff), as well as the best way to pay for them.  Best of all, at long last I can read the Wall Street Journal without a translator.

(I realize this is a terribly boring post, and I haven't done the subject justice, but I'm afraid that I'm too tired to fix it.  Please don't give up on me- it's finals week.)


Marcus said...

Wow, you make the class seem so simple and basic...if only.

Russ said...

Note that I wrote this post BEFORE the final. Ouch.