14 December 2010

Don't Sell Sizzle or the Steak; Sell Satisfaction

Marketing final tomorrow. One of the things from this class that has really stuck with me is the importance of knowing what your customers value about your product (that was the purpose behind all that Quill and Sword stuff a week or two ago). Studies show that all of the products or services we seek out can be attributed to our trying to satisfy at least one of 19 personal values:

• Accomplishment • Active Life • Belonging • Beautiful World • Comfortable Life • Efficiency • Equality • Family Love • Family Security • Financial Security • Freedom • Future Generations • Good Mom/Dad • Happiness/Joy/Pleasure • Individualism • Inner Harmony • Healthy/Long Life • Mature Love • Patriotism • Personal Responsibility • Personal Security • Progress • Salvation • Self-Respect • Self-Satisfaction • Social Recognition • True Friendship • Wisdom • World Peace • Youthfulness

A second takeaway: good advertising is really refreshing. There's just something about seeing an ad and being delighted by it. I remember years ago witnessing my mom and sister both sob through an AT&T commercial about a runaway phoning home on Christmas. Here are three four recent faves:


Marcus said...

The Scientologists sure do catchy ads, who knew?

Kalen's Mommy said...

I love that "Moment" commercial too! And it doesn't even make me cry!

Kalen's Mommy said...

Ok, ok, I admit that the "Kids Winter Olympics" also made me well up with tears. In case you are interested, this is my current favorite commercial!