05 November 2010

Taxi Service

Today as I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw a guy miss his bus.  Having nothing pressing on my agenda, I pulled over and offered him a ride to wherever he was going.  I now know the following information about him:
  1. He is from South Korea.
  2. He lived in Los Angeles for two years before moving to Utah a few months ago.
  3. He wants to visit Seattle and San Francisco.
  4. He resides at the Branbury.
  5. He prefers FreshMarket over Macey's for his groceries.
  6. He is an undergrad at BYU.
  7. He is studying business, but doesn't know which discipline to focus on.
That's it.  I didn't even ask his name.  And he doesn't know anything about me except that I drive an exceptionally messy Mazda.  Today's five minute car ride was almost certainly the entire extent of the interaction we will ever have.  Then why do I feel such fulfillment?  Should I have been a taxi driver for a living?

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