05 November 2010

It's so easy to say goodbye...

Norwegians have an expression -- Takk for alt -- which literally translates as "Thanks for everything" but connotes more of a "Hope you have a wonderful rest of your life" or "Nice knowing you ."  It's very, very final, something that you might say to a friend who you will in all likelihood never see again.

I was thinking today about other examples of the same sort of interaction in a different context-- ways that you might convey that same never-gonna-see-you-again idea to people you interact with in various settings.  Here's a short list:

  • The post-interview pat on the shoulder and "Good luck in your future."  (I got this one today, which is what got me thinking about this topic in the first place.  Pretty sure I'm not landing that job.)
  • Writing an actual handwritten letter to someone, under almost any circumstance. (This may signify a dramatic change in your relationship rather than a complete separation.  I guess yearbooks fall into this category.)
  • The follow-up break-up.  (Break-ups always, always happen in at least two parts.  Person A drops the bomb on Person B, who goes home, gets mad/sad, asks to meet up one last time, and then demands the reasoning behind the break-up, which leaves everyone feeling like crap.  It happens every time.)
  • Closure cake (A unique application of the principle described above.)  
  • The end-of-the-date "high five".  (Not even a side-hug can send a message THAT clear.)
Can you think of any others?


Mars said...

"Takk for alt", Mountain West Conference.

Not really though. =)

Stefani said...

real estate agent

Londa said...

Letter from the attorney

Russ said...

Taking the time to actually delete a number from your cell phone.