22 March 2006

The Cabin

This is a picture of pretty much my favorite place on this planet (with the possible exception of the local Wendy's). My great-grandfather (Grampapa) bought the cabin back in Mesozoic Era and it has been an Andrew's Family Historical Site ever since. Grampapa was a high school teacher like me, and he and my great-grandmother would spend every summer up there after school got out. My parents were married right outside the cabin, using log rounds for the pews and the pulpit. (These were their hippy days--check out my dad's Willie Wonka wedding attire below. Nice hair, Pop!) Growing up my grammie would make wheat waffles for us, which we would eat until we were full and then feed to the squirrels on the back porch. The cabin reminds me of reading old books, playing Risk and poker, doing crosswords, and splitting wood Abraham Lincoln-style. And really, what more is there to life?


Russ said...

Don't really know where the green came from, but it makes him look more like Brian Connors, King of the Leprechauns than like Willie Wonka, King of the Oompa-Loompas.

Kim said...

how cute is that??

LondaSue said...

Ah-hem.... That's forest green, Russ.

And it's hot! Love, Mom