22 March 2006

The Cabin, Part Deux

Immediately after my last post, I received the following email:

I really wanted to post these pics as a comment -but alas- I couldn't figure out how to do it. Would you be so kind as to post these follow-ups of your beautiful mother & the three [edited for content]? Please!
Love, Dad

Since he was so good-natured about the picture I posted of him, I had to comply. Here goes:

My flower-child Momma. She was 17.

In and out the window. My mom again, considerably older than 17 (just kidding!)

Marshall, and my sister, Kiernan, and me. As you can see, our parents fed us dirt.


Bryant said...

Hippies always feed their kids dirt.

Anonymous said...

I thought they fed their kids flowers.

Anonymous said...

They must have been really poor hippies.

*star said...

My parents were hippies and I ate bugs.

Anonymous said...

Stop rubbing it in, Staw. Not every hippie gets bugs.

Christie said...

you look like your mom! it's so freaking adorable, the whole thing.