28 December 2005

Ode to Kimmie

Okay, they're not quite love poems, but we're not quite "romantically involved".

There once was a girl named Kim,
Who had reading habits that were quite grim.
She read until she cried
About how everybody died
But all the crying kept her quite slim.

I have a good friend named Stobel.
She spends a lot of time on her mobile.
And I feel quite maligned
Because she left me behind
When she fled the States and went global.

After Kimmie had to move away
She fell in love with a man named Jose.
So she never came back
But lives in a shack
With her thirteen children. Ole!

Seriously, Kim, we are all going to miss you so much while you're gone. I know I will. Be safe (but be sure to catch a South American virus as a souvenir).

Hasta!! Adios. Que pasa? Enchilada. Vaquero. Zorro. Siete. Baja California. El nino. (That's pretty much all the espanol I know. And Zorro is really not a spanish word. He's a sword-wielding Mexicali crimefighter, like Cesar Chavez or El Guapo.)


Ronnie said...

Frickin amazing! Russ, how do you do it?
Kim (aka Stubie), tell Che hi for me.

Bryant said...

Wow. You're a genius. I feel humbled to blog in your presence.

Kim said...

OH Rusty! I love your butt. You are so sweet. I am crying. And Ronnie, how do you know Che?

Miss Babylon said...

Hey there, whoa there . . . be careful what you wish her, Russ. I actually DID catch a South American disease when I was in Ecuador! But no worries--I was fine after a minor open chest lung surgery.