26 December 2005

12 Days of Christmas

in honor of the 12 days of christmas
i will write a new blog every day for the next 12 days
or at least until i get tired of it

in honor of my long lost friend leafvayne
i will use no punctuation or capitalization in this post
and space my sentences creatively

it is a common mistake to think that the 12 days of christmas
hereafter to be referred to as the 12doc
are the 12 days preceding christmas
like a countdown
or one of those chocolate picture calendar things

this is false

the 12doc begin on christmas day
and continue until january 5th
which is known as 12th night
january 6th is known as epiphany
which i think is a funny word
and should mean the greatest of all tiffanys or stefanis

on a similar note
if you were to really get the gifts from the 12doc
under your tree you would have
23 birds
50 people
and 5 golden rings

i would like to receive nine ladies dancing
thank you very much

merry christmas
happy hanukkah
and lets not forget
krazy kwanzaa


Ronnie said...

Absolute genius!!! No comment could do it justice.

Aaron said...

No structure, no punctuation...uggh brain melting...Actually, I like it. It's eclectic.

Kim said...

Rusty! You crack me up. I miss you terribly.

Bryant said...

Don't you mean you miss his butt?

Kim said...

B, that could be inappropriate for sensitive ears.

Ronnie said...

I'm offended by that language.

Stefani said...

I'm not offended, so clearly it can't be that bad. And I'm pretty sure I told Kim that the butt rule doesn't apply to her since she's leaving us for Ecuador. In case you didn't know, in this family we don't use "butt"- we try to use self or very.

Anonymous said...

oh and don't forget what falls on the 1st.