03 May 2012

Tropical Fruit

So Kauai has lots of strange fruits.  This week I have tried three new ones, all from the same family:




Delicious and strange little popples.

The strangest fruit I have seen, though, is the very rare rudraksha, a vibrant blue fruit whose seed is used as a sort of Hindu rosary bead.  Kauai's Hindu Monastery has America's only rudraksha grove, pictured below.

Smurfberries are real.  Now on to finding Gummiberries. (And yes, for those of you keeping track at home, that is two blog mentions about 80s cartoons this week.  And I haven't even gotten into all the time I've spent Snorking around this week.)


Mars said...

And that's not even mentioning the He-Man video I left on your facebook page.

rob said...

Lychees and rambutan are two of the weirdest but tastiest fruits that I had in the Philippines. I think the Mangostene was known as a star-apple over there.