20 May 2012

Road Trip, Week 2: The Gulf

I wanted to title this week's summary Disneyland, because I went from Frontierland to New Orleans Square to Critter Country.  Next week, Tomorrowland.

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  • Driving Tunes: Greatest hits of CCR and Skynyrd, "Lost and Gone Forever" by Guster, N'Awlins jazz/blues on the radio, and the backwater-est country/zydeco on Bayou 106.7- The Sounds of Arcadiana (featuring tunes such as "I Love the Way She Make Her Booty Shake")
  • Books: The Price of Everything -Eduardo Porter;  The Help -Kathryn Stockett;  Gay Neck, the Story of a Pigeon -Dhan Gopal Mukerji
  • Wildlife: White-tailed deer, goats, a bunch of gators, swamp otters, a giant raccoon, great and little blue herons, pink spoonbills, French Quarter rats, and fireflies!
  • Food: Oh the food! Hill Country roadside peaches, the wurst meal I've ever had (see what I did there?), Tejano flautas, beignets, blackened chicken stuffed with crab meat, andouille sweet potatos, jambalaya, grilled shrimp and fried green tomatoes with remoulade po'boy, crayfish corn chowder and apricot biscuits.  I can see why southerners are more likely to be obese.   
  • Sights that didn't quite make the blog: Wildflowers in Hill Country, the Alamo, Spurs playoff game, MinuteMaid Park, the surreal Menil collection (or was it the Menil surrealist collection?), the French quarter's excellent music scene (and the obligatory flashing, drunken brawl, and subsequent arrest), Mardi Gras beads still hanging in Garden District trees, and the Swamp Tour (pictures forthcoming). 
  • Friends: Sadly, I missed my friends in both Austin and Houston, who were vacationing elsewhere.  Next time I'm on a cross-country road trip though...  

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Jessica Marie said...

I have to ask: have you read Education of a Wandering Man by L'Amour? Your trip reminds me of it.