30 May 2012

All-American Atlanta

Yesterday I had the most quintessentially American vacation day.

It started at the MLKJ Historical Site. As usual, I got a little choked up listening to the good Reverend: "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

Up next was lunch at the Varsity, the world's largest drive-in, complete with their "orange drink" (still not sure if was named for the color or the flavor) and fried peach pie.

Then I went to the World of Coca-Cola, an excellent (and effective) piece of commercial propaganda/amusement park after which I am ready to enshrine Mr. Pemberton up there with Franklin, Washington, and Jefferson and add Coke to the pantheon of Mom, baseball, and fried peach pie.

Speaking of baseball, I ended the evening by attending a Braves game, where they vanquished the Cardinals.  I was definitely rooting for the home team, but couldn't bring myself to do the tomahawk chop.

1 comment:

L. Conkey Shaw said...

Hi Russ.
Your drink at the Varsity... umm yumm.
a F.O. It's called a Frosted Orange. yeap.. not sure if it is named for the color or the flavor.
did you get some Onion Rings? Vidalia Onions best in the word. :)