05 October 2011

Knight Light

Intercollegiate Knights--Lighting the Y

It's Homecoming Week out at BYU this week, which means the Y is all lit up.  Apparently in yon olden dayes, the lighting of the Y was accomplished by soaking hunks of mattresses in oil.  This was carried out by (no joke) the Intercollegiate Knights, a service fraternity based on the Arthurian legends.  In addition to the glowing Y, the Knights are also responsible for such BYU landmarks as the Victory Bell and the statue of Massasoit (AKA "The Naked Indian"--which coincidentally was the site of the best flash mob I've ever witnessed, a "modest is hottest" protest of gratuitous half-nakedness).  Huzzah!

In related news, there is a U on the mountain in Salt Lake, a G in Pleasant Grove, and a Y in Provo.  We just need Lindon to get with the program for a north-to-south statement to Nevada, who don't got no alibi.


Anonymous said...

Love it. I lol-ed. Literally.

Anonymous said...

Or "L-ed OL", rather. :)

Annie Traynor said...

Ditto. It took me a minute to get the UGLY joke but then I caught up.