29 April 2011

Timely Thoughts

Not sure how I feel about this, other than that it is extremely interesting.


Kalen's Mommy said...

Brilliant! My first love in psychology was social psych! I love that it is so clear as to be almost "Duh!" Not to mention the animation was awesome!

Russ said...

That's funny, because my main love in economics is social economics. i guess we're just people people.

Paul Smart said...

Super interesting. Does a person have the same time perspective through their whole lives? Or do we have different perspectives as pass through different phases of life?

When you're young and naive and full of dreams, are you more future-oriented? Are we more prone to become retrospective as we get into our later years (and have more to look back on)?

He seems to be suggesting that we do better being around people who share our same time perspective. My feeling is there are probably benefits and drawbacks to them all, and we do well to ground ourselves by being around others who share a different perspective.

Anyway, thanks for sharing Russ.