02 April 2011


My laptop is back from the doctor, so I'm back to blogging everyday.  I hope you all have missed me.  I wrote this post on the first day of Lent.

As of today, I'm back on the wagon and off fast food.  That's right: no Arby's, BK's, CJ's, DQ's, and on through the lipidly delicious alphabet.  It's my first time celebrating of Lent, a holiday of buttressing weak self-control with ominous religious overtones.  As in, going to McDonald's = going to H-E-double hockey sticks (at least until after Easter).

But it should be good for me, body and soul.  After all:

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Kalen's Mommy said...

I did miss your blog. I still checked it daily to see if you had left some brilliant little tidbit to entertain and expand my mind!