28 February 2011

Many Happy Returns

Today my grandmother celebrated her 20 3/4th birthday.  That's right, she's a leapling.  Like Frederic from Pirates of Penzance, Grammie was born on February 29th.  By a cruel twist of fate--or a faulty Gregorian calendar--the extra six hours that it takes the earth to circle the sun each year denies those born on Leap Day a birthday three out of four years.  But don't worry, Grammie makes up for it by throwing parties on both February 28th and March 1st each year not divisible by four.

Coincidentally, Superman was also born on Leap Day (albeit on Krypton).  According to tradition, Kal-El's birthday was February 29th, 1938--not actually a leap day--but Superman can do anything, right?

And so, happy birthday Grammie! (sort of)  Next year makes 21!  

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