13 February 2011

Cupid's Eros

Tomorrow we honor everyone's favorite Pampers-clad deity, Cupid (Eros to those of you who prefer Greek gods).  This fickle archer's arrows came in two varieties: gold-tipped, dove-feathered arrows that caused their target to become rapturously in love with the first thing in sight; and lead-tipped, owl-feathered arrows that had the opposite effect.  When Cupid used these in combination, as he did with Apollo (who made fun of him) and Daphne, it made for certain heartbreak--and coincidentally the most incredibly beautiful piece of sculpture I have ever seen.

If I were to take over Cupid's job for a day, I think I would use an entire quiver of lead arrows on the newly-engaged couple at church who are sick-clingy.  The gold arrows I would reserve for elderly couples, because there are few things sweeter than seeing octogenarians hold hands.

What would you do?

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