09 February 2011

Boiler Express is open!

In the greatest comeback since Lazarus, the Broiler Express is once again open for business.  I've lived in Utah for the better part of a decade and this once-and-evidently-future burger king has always been a shuttered staple of Provo's soaring skyline.  Like a backdrop straight out of Scooby-Doo, the Broiler Express was eternally vacant and creepy, its rusting slide a relic from an era when playgrounds were unsafe...and therefore fun.

But no longer.  As I drove to school this morning my attention was caught by red and yellow flags: the invariable colors of fast food establishments.  I thought about it all day--no benefit to my accounting grade, I assure you--and decided that I had to investigate further.  Sure enough, tonight I was able to walk right in and order myself a Butch Cassidy (burger w/bacon and onion rings), a little too eagerly perhaps; the girl behind the counter didn't quite understand why I wanted to take pictures of the menu.

The food was decent, but if you want any, I suggest you hit up the Broiler Express ASAP.  Although technically open, the place was as empty as it ever has been (employees excluded).  I'm afraid that the ol' Broiler won't stay in business very long.  If nature abhors a vacuum, then Broiler Express abhors nature.       

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Londa said...

Love your order! I'll take one, too!