09 January 2011

A Recommendation

Sometimes I'm reluctant to make recommendations about books, movies, etc. because I worry that other people may not enjoy whatever it is as much as I did.  When I do, I generally feel a little self-conscious: the other day a classmate of mine told me he had started reading a book I raved about (West With the Night, by Beryl Markham) and I immediately went into second-guessing mode.  Will he like it?  If he doesn't, will he think I'm an idiot? Why did I have to talk it up so much? However, I think there's something that pretty much everyone who reads this blog would like:

(See, I talked myself out of a mass recommendation... just like that.  Sorry.)


Londa said...

WHat??? What IS it??? Can I download it onto my kindle?? Will you pay for it if I do? C'mon!!!

Kalen's Mommy said...

Is this a result of all the grief I gave you over your recommendation of "The Road?" Because, really, it wasn't SUCH a big deal that I ended up sobbing and spraying tears and snot all over my shared office space!