15 January 2011

Glory Days

I've recently rediscovered the "100 Hour Board", an assembly of BYU students who have sworn an oath to answer any question posed to the Board within (you guessed it) 100 hours.  As an undergrad, this was a actual physical bulletin board where one could post a 3X5 card with any question- from the trivial (How many stairs are there on campus?) to the arcane (Are there really tunnels beneath BYU? Yes. Is the Maeser building built over a cemetary? It is.)

Well, the Board has entered the 21st century and is hosted online, complete with a searchable archive and a list of editors' choice awards.  I was fiddling around and came across the following entry, dated April 2005:

Board Entry #14553
Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,
What's the dopest thing to do this weekend?
-Sudan is in Africa

A: Dear my roommate,
Well, the really cool thing to do this weekend would be to come to our Board party, but you're not invited,
even though I love you.

Other things:
1. Study for finals on reading day
2. Have a bonfire in the canyon
3. Go to the first Real Salt Lake soccer game at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake--1pm on the 16th...
4. On Friday, April 15, Jason and Ronnie in the 177th ward are presenting a benefit concert called 
Rock for the Lost. This is a benefit concert to help children in Sudan. Bring school supplies or sports
equipment that is in usable condition to donate. Concessions are available, and all proceeds will go to the
Southern Sudan school project. At 8pm you can hear bands such as Eden Express, Levi Leavitt, Lucy and
the Diamonds, Winston McCoy, Billy Turbo, and then at 10pm there is a big screen movie showing.
Location? 600 N. and 300 E. behind Victoria Place in Provo.


Sure, it was six years ago that Bryant and I planned Rock for the Lost, built a stage on the grassy
knoll, and strung Christmas lights and a slackline around the apartment complex, but I have never been prouder.


be said...

That is awesome! Who the heck wrote that?

Kalen's Mommy said...

You SHOULD be proud! That was the dopest thing yet!

be said...

I wonder if one of those people was Jill. Remember she was co-mastermind of that one?