04 January 2011

God Bless Philo T. Farnsworth

About a month ago, I posted a list of my favorite bands during different periods of my life.  It was an entertaining exercise, so tonight I take on TV shows.  In chronological order, here are the programs that could claim to be my favorite at any given time:

  • Scooby-Doo ("Let's split up gang-- me and the hot chick will go search for monsters in this closet.")
  • He-Man ("I have the POWER!"  Bonus points for the Dolph Lungren film.  And a glowing green panther.)
  • Double Dare (Inspiration for the legendary Physical Challenge.  Always wanted to run the final obstacle course.) 
  • Duck Tales (Loved the entire Disney afternoon, but this was the best of the bunch.)
  • The Simpsons (Like many of you, I was not initially allowed to watch this show--Bart taking a picture of his own butt was the clincher--but given two seasons and Homer becoming the main character, and it's been 20 years of brilliance.)
  • Lois and Clark (Superhero premise, Sunday evenings with the fam, everyone had some eye candy to admire-- just a great show.  And yes, I own it all on DVD.)
  • Survivor (I only watched the first season, but I am somewhat ashamed to have added to the rise of reality TV.  But still, what a great show!)
  • Jeopardy (Someday I will realize a lifelong dream of being a contestant and out-smugging Alex Trebek.)
  • Homestar Runner (Not really a TV show, but close enough.  And don't most of us watch most of our TV online now anyway?  If you haven't ever seen this, stop reading right now and watch it.)
  • American Idol (The Bo Bice season.  Nothing will ever live up to it, and certainly not J-Lo and Steven Tyler.)
  • Lost (Bonus points for most excellent ending--way to not Favre your show, which brings me to...)
  • Bones (In all honesty, the worst show on the list, and deteriorating by the episode.  I wish they had pulled the plug two seasons ago, but I'm too invested to stop watching now.)
That's all I can think of for the moment, but this post has made me think of all the TV series I wish I had watched, like a couch potato's "reading" list.  What have been your faves?


Kristin said...

You forgot Saved by the Bell...

bec said...

he-man is definitely the first one I remember being a favorite, along with She-ra, of course. My latest favorite is Modern Family, that show is hilarious!

Kalen's Mommy said...

I can't believe you own Lois and Clark! That was the first show I was ever addicted to! You must loan it to me STAT!!!!