30 December 2010

My Websites of the Year

  • Sports- ESPN: #1 most visited site, other than email.
  • News- The Week: By far the best weekly news magazine, and the website stacks up fairly well.
  • Politics- RealClearPolitics: Daily compilation from the world of politics.
  • Religion- LDS.org: Still learning my way around the new site (and the scriptures, for that matter).
  • Literature- Goodreads: Keeping track of my reading since 2006.
  • Learning- TED Talks: Every time I'm on this site, it fills me with wonder- what people can do, how much more there still is to do.
  • Money- Mises.org: It was Mint, but then I stopped having an income.
  • Trivia (applying)- Sporcle: I really like trivia.  But some of these quizzes make me feel very ignorant. 
  • Trivia (acquiring)- MentalFloss: Another magazine-turned-website.
Your favorites?

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    Londa said...

    I love that you created your own Prime Nine!