21 December 2010

Mental Vacation

Whenever I'm facing the drive home (or any drive longer than 2 hours), I fantasize about teleportation.  Wouldn't it be awesome to just apparate and skip the whole day of travel? 

And then, as I finally pulled into my parents' driveway this evening, it dawned on me: physical teleportation may not be possible, but mental teleportation certainly is.  I had climbed into Petey the Protege nine hours earlier, and when I oozed out a full day later, it was almost like no time had passed-- at least according to my brain.  Sure, I had listened to sports talk for several hours and an entire book on CD, but the drive was mindless enough that it was almost as if I had "slept" through the whole thing- like a car-seat snoozing toddler waking up to find that someone had carried them home and tucked them in.  Three sodas, a bag of sunflower seeds later (yes, my mouth is salt-raw), and zero mental energy later, I was home.

I suppose that in order for time to be reckoned, someone has to reckon it.  Apparently sleep and long drives are two ways to press fast-forward- TiVo for your life. 

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