06 December 2010


Today my MBA group presented a project we did on The Quill & The Sword, a medieval reenactment club on campus.  We caught the intro on film:


So that was my teammate Tigg, equally inspired by Chaucer from A Knight's Tale and Chip from The Cable Guy.

I came away from the project with a healthy respect for the club and what they are trying to accomplish (as well as the knowledge that I currently reside in the kingdom of Artemisia and the providence of Arrow's Flight).  

The best quote: “We have a divine purpose at BYU to be a social support and family away from family for people who might not find it elsewhere.”  Admirable.

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kel said...

That is an admirable purpose. It's easy to poke fun at a club like that, but it bugs me when people do. I think that quote gets to the heart of why it bugs me. It's a really nice, positive way to frame what this club does: provide a soft place for people who want it. I guess that's probably true of most fringe, special-interest clubs, for that matter. I like it. Quirks and all.