13 November 2010


I just discovered an incredible new site: Mental Floss's Amazing Fact Generator. Here are a few of the seemingly endless inspiring pieces of trivia:

A Mercurian day is longer than its year.
The Chinese used black pepper to cure cholera, Europeans used it as currency, and Attila the Hun demanded 3,000 pounds of the stuff in exchange for discontinuing his sacking of Rome.
Trees do not grow higher than 130m as it is physically impossible for the water to rise higher.
To make themselves smell pleasant, the ancient Egyptians would place scented cones of fat on their heads, and as it melted, it would dribble down their bodies, and was sort of like a modern-day perfume to them.
Food chemist William A. Mitchell helped invent Tang, Cool Whip and Pop Rocks.
A person from Nigeria is a Nigerian, while a person from Niger is a Nigerien.

Every time I hit the button, a beautiful new fact pops up. And now I can't stop.


Russ said...

Creedence Clearwater Revival had seven songs hit #2 on the pop singles chart, but never scored a number one hit.

(I really can't stop.)

*star said...

Oh, but Creedence is #1 in my heart.

Kalen's Mommy said...

I want to comment on every single one of those facts!! But that Pop Rocks, Cool Whip, Tang dud is now my new hero! I'm going to have a party in his honor and serve only foods that he helped create! You are officially invited!

Kalen's Mommy said...

*NOTE* That would be dude, not "dud." See, this is why I never comment on your blog, because you are brilliant, and I can't even spell dude. DUUUUUUDE!