10 November 2010

Feeling Disconnected

Today I had to bid adieu to a dear friend, Google-411.  For the past several weeks, each time I called my favorite free telephone assistance provider I was first met with a cold and remorseless message stating that after November 11th the service would no longer be available.  I’ve been through all the classic stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, itchiness, and finally acceptance—so I finally steeled myself enough to call one last time in order to say my final farewell.  The transcript:

(Dial tone)

(One ring…)

Goog411: Thank you for calling Google 411.  Please say the business name and the city and state.

Me: Goodbye, Goog. I’ll miss you.

Goog411:  Please say the city and state.

Me: Nowhere… forever.

Goog411: Fredricksburg, Virginia. What business name or category?

Me: Don’t make this any harder than it needs to be.

Goog411: Starting over.

Me:  If only that were possible.... I’ll never forget you.

Goog411: Please say the business name and the city and state.

(Dial tone)


kelly | i know. i'm blushing. said...

hahahaha. So sad!

I'm loving your return to blogging, Russ.

Stefani said...

Ronnie and I also mourned yesterday. I knew the end was coming... but I had to endure the pained look on his face when he realized the truth.