26 October 2010

On this day in history...

Today—October 26th, 2010—marks 25 years since a certain Mr. Marty McFly, under the tutelage of one Dr. Emmett Brown (who bears a striking resemblance to my accounting professor), became the first man to travel through time via sports car.  Driving a DeLorean DMC-12 outfitted with a 1.21 gigawatt Flux Capacitor, McFly attained the necessary 88 mph while attempting to escape “the Libyans”, and disappeared into a set of flaming tire tread marks.  

On the same date one week later (a paradox?!), McFly and Brown, accompanied by the lovely Miss Jennifer Parker, would once again break the bonds of time.  Piloting the modified DeLorean—now flying and powered not by plutonium, but by garbage—the intrepid explorers voyaged thirty years into the future, to 2015.

It is my fervent hope that five years hence, I may have the privilege of meeting said chronavigators.  Then I can demand, “Where’s my power-lacing Nikes, holographic Pepsi, and 3-second Pizza Hut?!  And Star wants a Mr. Fusion hoverboard!”  (At least we’ve make progress in movie product placement.)

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