04 December 2008

Overheard at Little Caesars

Dude #1: (to me) "That'll be about five minutes."
(to coworker) "Dude, you're still going old school? I use the pitcher."

Dude #2: (while filling up cups of Crazy Sauce) "Uh..."

Dude #3: "We did three tubs in ten minutes with the pitcher. When I worked up at 90th, Richard saw me using the pitcher one time, and told me I had to use the ladle. Two days later I came in and he was using the pitcher."

Dude #1: "I like Richard. He plays WoW."

Dude #3: "Richard has a glass eye."

Dude #1: "Richard has a glass eye?"


Dude #1: "How's the battle?"

Dude #3: "The battle?"...

Dude #1: "With sobriety."

Dude #3: "Oh...I haven't smoked in three weeks."

Dude #1: "How do you feel?"

Dude #3: "Accomplished."


Me: "Busy this morning?"

Dude #1: "Indeed."


bryant-man said...

I think I like Richard, too. We should invite him over.

Ronnie said...

Dude, what if his glass eye fell out in the crazy sauce?

*star said...


Kelly said...

Hahaha. This is awesome. I'm just glad Dude's been sober for almost a month. That's gotta be good for his lungs.

bryant-man said...

Would you normally describe someone that smokes as not being sober? I usually think of that word being more associated with drugs or alchohol. I bet Dude's really been pot-free for almost a month.