27 January 2008

The Burning of Gabriel Jones

In conjunction with The Burning of Gabriel Jones: Year 3, the event planners will be holding an art and poetry contest. Now, I'm not very creative myself, but some big shot poets have submitted work to be reviewed by the panel of judges. Here's a smattering:

Fire and Ice

Robert Frost

Some said that Gabe would end in fire,
Some said in ice.
But as the flames grew ever higher,
I held with those who favored fire.

But as if he was to perish twice,
It seemed the river was his fate
And I thought for his destruction ice
Was also great
And would suffice.

William Blake

Gabryel! Gabryel! burning bright
In the forests on that night,
What immortal hand or eye
Did cause thy lanky frame to fry?

Gabriel- A Haiku
Yoshi Pokemarioguchi

Fiery messenger

Herald voice of things to come

No... the other one.

If you'd like to submit some of your original work, you can do so by sending it to the infamous SJ-squared at sjoelsilentio@yahoo.com. Regardless, I hope to see you all on Saturday, February 16th to commemorate this defining moment in the nation's history.


Kim & Devin said...

I am not sure that I can make it! I hope I can, that will be way fun and such an event. I would love to see everyone too...

Stephen Joel said...

Awesome Awesome Awesome! Russ, you have raised the poetic bar.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?