03 October 2007

Illiteration- Odes to my Favorite Foods


angelic tang


on an anguished tongue

cap’n crunch

cartoon captain covers

cardboard container

conceals colorful,

calorie-crammed capsules—

cornucopia of color

captivating kids

causing cavities


Ronnie said...

Don't forget the shards of glass in the Captain Crunch that cut your mouth enable it to infuse addictive compounds into your bloodstream.

Kim & Devin said...

Rusty! You are alive! this is good news.
PS, I like tangerines too. I only like Captain Crunch if it has berries.

Bryant said...

They should make that a Cap'n Crunch commercial. Genius.

Bryant said...

PS: Alliteration

Mr. Andrews said...

Hence the joke.

Mars said...

Red Milk.


Caffiene + Sugar = Sweet Death.

Sorry Doc!