11 September 2006

In Case You Missed It...

President Bush spoke to the nation today about the September 11th attacks and the War on Terror five years later. Here's the full text of his speech:


Just thought I'd throw that out there for the ultra-informed constituents of the Provo Platinum community. My only request is that you don't knock it until you've at least read it (or watched it- it's only 16 minutes).


the narrator said...

i think i pretty much responded to bush in my last three posts, even though i wrote them this afternoon before his speech.

as you can guess, i really didn't care for his speech and had to force myself to continue watching instead of turning it off in anger.

Russ said...

What was it about the speech that made you so angry?

the narrator said...

pretty much for the reasons stated in my lessons learned and lessons ignored posts.

bush, once again, used the emotions tied to 9/11 to try to justify his war. furthermore, he uncritically tossed around the word 'evil' to describe middle-eastern terrorists without any consideration of how they became that way.

that and his face.

Bryant said...

Russ: What did you think of the speech?