14 April 2006

Me and Willie

As I type this post, I am listening to what is clearly the greatest CD of all time. It is beautiful in its simplicity-- imagine Willie, his harmonica, and a crappy karoake synthesizer playing some of the greatest songs ever (I like hyperbole, in case you hadn't noticed that you are currently wading through it). Or maybe it's the nostalgia-- my first memory of music is riding back from the Northern California beach in our big brown van, listening to Willie croon as we brushed the sand off our feet. I must have been 4 or 5 years old. Or it could be because I discovered this CD at a truck stop in Wendover. Or because it reaffirms my goal of becoming a world-class harmonica-ist. Most likely, though, it's gotta be the combination of the beard, the braids, and the bandanna. Oh yeah!

Just so y'all can be jealous, here's a sampling of the playlist: "Georgia On My Mind," "Unchained Melody," "What A Wonderful World," "Bridge Over Troubled Water, " and "Wind Beneath My Wings."

Peace, love, dope. (Dope means baptism in Norwegian. Really.)


Ronnie said...

I rank Willie's rendition of "Unchained Melody" as #1 or at least #2 behind Elvis. But Willie's best song of all is titled, "Maria, Shut Up and Kiss Me."

Russ said...

I changed the music so everbody can have a little crooning to brighten their day.

Annie Traynor said...

That is such an awesome cover!