02 March 2006

A Rare Glimpse Into My Brother's Psyche

Marshall came over today for the usual afternoon activites: darts, chess, Smash Brothers, and fighting. The first words out of his mouth were these:

"So, I was thinking on the way over... what if Bigfoot was actually a woman, and she/it mated with Dracula? Because I really don't think that the world's economy is ready for hairy vampires."

Uhhh... thanks Marsh. I really hadn't considered the implications.

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Ronnie said...

He's got a pretty valid point. I mean, you'd have hairy vampires stowing away on oil freighters and on all kinds of cargo ships. Then not only would you have a widespread vampire pestilence here in the US, but they would also be able to infect the world's food supply with their hair.